400 days to the GSSE 2015

29.04.2014 12:59
27th of April 400 days remain until the Opening Ceremony of the Games of the Small States of Europe in Reykjavik. The Games will take place from 1st of June until 6th of June 2015.  

Beautiful posters of Icelandic athletes performing in Icelandic nature have been made to promote the GSSE 2015. The Icelandic nation is really proud of the Icelandic nature as well as their athletes. Iceland is known for its magnificent nature, both beautiful and powerful at the same time, and the battle the nation has had with the natural forces i commonly known. The idea behind mixing together pictures of nature and athletes is to show the power that the Icelandic nature and athletes share. Athletes possess enormous power that breaks out during trainings and contests, and in fighting the opponent. The sports posters capture the eye and bring the sports to unusual places in Icelandic nature but at the same time the most beautiful. The posters also appeal to the Games environmentally friendly policy as well as relating to the Games´s logo, that shows a volcano, green flora, ocean and ice. 

Two posters have already been published, showing Rafn Kumar playing tennis in Landmannalaugar and Arna Stefanía jumping over a geyser near the volcano Krafla. Today two more posters were published, where Þormóður wrestles in the lava near Kirkjubæjarklaustur and Sara Rún plays basketball at Svartifoss. Two posters will be published every hundred days until the Games.

The Games facebook site is www.facebook.com/gsse2015

Nine nations compete in the GSSE in eleven sports. The 2015 Games are number sixteen and are growing every time, participants will be around 2000 this time and volunteers around 1000.

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