A golf team from San Marino played in Iceland

27.06.2014 08:55

Eight people from San Marino visited Iceland from 21 - 25 of June to play golf at Korpa Golf Course, the golf course Iceland´s NOC selected for the GSSE 2015. The delegation included managers of San Marino´s Golf Federation as well as athletes likely to be eligible in the 2015 Games. The purpose of the travel was to get to know the Korpa Golf Course and the weather conditions in June. According to Remo Raimondi, the manager of the Golf Federation of San Marino and the manager of the golf team, the players can be more prepared for the Games if they know what to expect. The team played all the 27 holes at Korpa three times during their stay. The team especially praised the holes 1-9 and 19-27, agreeing on that the holes along the sea side are wonderful. For a team used to 30 degrees, the cold, rainy and windy weather in Iceland can be a bit troubling. The team got lucky for three days, with only raining and about 12 degrees, allowing them to enjoy playing. On a windy day the team rested and went on sightseeing tours to the Blue Lagoon and Geyser area, which is a must see for all tourists in Iceland. The team enjoyed the trip, as well as the food and hospitality of the nation.





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