Basic training for volunteers

01.04.2015 15:56

Yesterday the first group of volunteers at the GSSE 2015 meet. Around 1200 volunteers have signed up to take part in the Games and yesterday the first group, consisting of 200 volunteers, had basic training. The project manager for the GSSE 2015, Óskar Örn Guðbrandsson, talked about the Games in general and the manager for volunteers, Brynja Guðjónsdóttir, had more practical information related to volunteers. Blossi, the mascot for GSSE 2015, showed up and entertained the people as well as posing for the camera.

From the middle of April and up to the GSSE the 1st of June, volunteers will work on various projects, for example, helping with the clothing for volunteers, photography, arranging gifts in the gift bags along with various other projects.

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