Blossi visits Hvolsskóli

28.04.2015 09:46

The students at Hvolsskóli (School in Hvolsvöllur) have been having a good time the past week during theme days, which were inspired by the GSSE 2015. The theme days ended on Wednesday with a Spring festival. Blossi, the mascot of the GSSE 2015, visited the school along with Kristinn Þórarinsson, one of Iceland´s best swimmers and a competitor at GSSE 2015. The theme days included making all kinds of projects, including a beautiful Blossi made out of paper. Clearly the kids put a lot of work into these projects. At the festival Blossi attracted considerable attention, especially with younger students, and many wanted to take a picture with the mascot. Around 400 people were in the hall during the festival.

Kristinn, the swimmer, talked with the oldest students about what it takes to succeed in sports and received a number of questions from the students, including where he has traveled and how much he eats each day.

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