Blossi gave students the small version of himself

30.04.2015 17:22
Today, the GSSE´s mascot, Blossi, visited Vesturbæjarskóli, the school that won the name-competition for the name of the mascot, the NOC held in January. The school is located in Reykjavik. One of the class in the school, 6th grade, sent in the winning name, Blossi.

All classes in the country, with kids aged 9-12 years, could participate. Two classes sent in the winning name, 6th grade in Vesturbæjarskóli and 5.H.G. in Njarðvíkurskóli. The mascot pulled out the name Blossi from Njarðvíkurskóli.

Today all students in 6th grade in Vesturbæjarskóli received a little Blossi mascot. Blossi met most of the school´s students  today. It is fair to say that the visit was a huge success.

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