Ásdís winner in javelin throw

02.06.2015 19:54
Ásdís Hjálmsdóttir came away as a secure winner in women‘s javelin throw with a throw of 58,85 m in the fourth round. Hlynur Andrésson won the men‘s 5000 m run and Charline Mathias the women‘s 800 m run.

Inga Stasiulionyte (MON) came second with a throw up to 46,4 m and María Rún Gunnlaugsdóttir (ICE) third but her throw was 42,3 m.

Charline Mathias (LUX) was winner in the women‘s 800 m run on 2:08,61. Aníta Hinriksdóttir (ICE) was second at 2:09,10 and Natalia Evangelidou (CYP) third on 2:09,56.

Hlynur Andrésson (ICE) was first over the finish line in men‘s 5000 m run on 14:45,94. Marcos Sanza Arranz (AND) was 2,5 seconds behind and Pol Mellina (LUX) third at 15:15,52.

The day finishes with 100 m run finals but semi-finals were earlier today. The women‘s run is at 19:30 GMT and the men‘s run is scheduled 10 minutes later.
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