Second Competition day is over

03.06.2015 23:23

Today, the weather was good, the sun was shining and there was great atmosphere in Laugardalur. Spectators cheered their favourite person or team and some good results happened. Iceland is still number one on the Medals Table, Luxembourg is second and Cyprus third. 

Here you have the main results today, out of the nine competing sports this day.

Air Pistol:

The Gold Medal in Air Pistol Men went to Boris Jeremenko from Monaco. After a tight match he won Ívar Ragnarsson from Iceland. Jeremenko made 193,6 points and Ívar Ragnarsson made 190,7 points. Third was Thomas Viderö with 171,7 points.

In Women´s category it was Silvie Schmit from Luxemborg who won the Gold Medal with 191,8 points. Jorunn Hardardottir from Iceland was second with 188,5 and third was Carine Canestrelli from Montenegro with 168,7.

Beach Volleyball:

In Group A Men, Luxemburg won Monaco 2:0. In Group B Men, Andorra won San Marino 2:0 and Cyprus won Iceland 2:0.

In Women´s category the team from Liechtenstein won Malta 2:0, Iceland won Cyprus 2:0 and Montenegro won Luxemburg 2:0



In a really exciting game between San Marino and Monaco in Men´s category, San Marino won 3-1.

Luxemburg lost against Montenegro 0-3 in Women´s category.

Iceland won San Marino 3-1 in Women´s category.

Luxemborg won against Iceland in Men´s Category 3-2.



The Men´s national team of Iceland is at the top in the team event after the first 18 holes with 136 strokes or -6 and are 10 strokes better than Malta which are second. Andorra is third. Kristjan Einarsson and Haraldur Magnusson from Iceland are the top two in the singles competition. They both played 68 strokes or three under par. Kevin Rigaill from Andorra is third with 71 strokes.

In Women´s category the team of Iceland is in first place after the first day with 143 strokes or -1 and are 10 strokes better than Monaco which are second. Guðrún Björgvinsdóttir has the best score in Women´s Event. She played the 18 holes on 69 strokes or three under par. Second is Sophie Santolo from Monaco with 73 strokes, Sunna Víðisdóttir from Iceland is third with 74 strokes.



Monaco won at Men‘s team Competition in the Table Tennis. It beat off Montenegro in the finals.

Few expected Montenegro to appear at the finals but it won last games winners, Luxembourg, 3-1 in the semi final earlier today while Monaco won San Marino 3-0. Monaco had the upper hand in the final and won 3-1.

The women‘s final was close but Luxembourg came away as winners in the end, 3-2 against Monaco.

Monaco beat Montenegro 3-1 in the semi final earlier today while Luxembourg won Malta with the same score.

Tomorrow will be the day of the doubles with the first matches starting at 10:00 GMT.



Luxembourg had no trouble fending off Malta in the Women‘s basketball during their 64-42 win today. 

Iceland won Andorra 83-61 in Men´s basketball.



The national anthems of Iceland and Cyprus were played repeatedly in the gymnastic arena today. The Icelandic girls collected a clean sweep of four gold medals and Marios Georgiou (CYP) picked up four gold medals in the men‘s competition. Georgiou won his medals at the vault (14,550), the pommel horse (14,500), parallel bars (14,200) and horizontal bar (14,250).

His fellow countryman Irodotos Georgallas got the best ratings at the still rings (14,100) and Sascha Palgen (LUX) at the floor (14,350) where Georgiou won the bronze medal.

The most frustrated man in the hall must have been Valgarð Reinhardsson (ISL) who three times came second, at the floor, the vault and the parallel rings. Palgen picked up three more medals as well as he came second at the still rings, the pommel horse and joint second with Valgarð at the parallel rings.

Norma Róbertsdóttir picked up two gold medals today as the won at the vault (14,000) and the beam (12,900). Thelma Hermannsdóttir won on the floor (13,000) and Dominiqua Belányi on an uneven barr (12,600).

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