Luxembourg without a defeat in Men´s Volleyball

04.06.2015 18:29

Men´s Volleyball Team from Luxembourg is without a defeat after winnig today against San Marino.

San Marino started the first set better and made it to 9-3. Luxembourg team quickly turned it around to win 25-23 after a magnificent final chapter. San Marino was ahead most of second set and finished it 25-18. In third and fourth set San Marino didn´t stand a chance agains Luxembourg, who won 25-14 and 25-12. 

Icelandic Women´s Team plays against Montenegro at 6.30 pm, instead of 6 pm. There was a delay due to the games today.

Luxembourg were first off the blocks in the second set and were in front 16-7 and 21-17. With their backs against the wall the Liechtenstein team pulled off a remarkable turnaround and won the set 24-26.

Luxembourg had the upper hand in the third set and won 25-23 but Liechtenstein replied immediately in the fourth set by the same score.

Liechtenstein got in front 3-5 in the final set but then Luxembourg proved stronger and won 15-13.

Iceland and Montenegro, who have won both of their games, play at 6 pm.

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