Where is Blossi?

04.06.2015 15:43

Blossi, GSSE 2015 Mascot, will be at Laugardalshöll today from 5.30-6.30 pm. Blossi is interested in Volleyball so he will watch Iceland against Montenegro from 6 pm.

Tomorrow, friday, Blossi will be at the Flame Stadium at 10.30 am. He will be at Laugardalshöll at 2 pm, watch Table-Tennis at TBR Badminton Hall from 3 pm and he is going to the Tennis Hall.

On Saturday Blossi will go to Korpa Golf Course at 1.30 pm, then watch Athletics at 2 pm, that he will watch Basketball at 4 pm and in the evening he plans to be at the Closing Ceremony in the Family Park and Zoo.

Blossi loves photograps so feel free to ask him to be with you on the photo.

#blossi #gsse2015.

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