Five game records on the final day

05.06.2015 20:29
Five new game records were set in the swimming pool today while Hrafnhildur Lúthersdóttir (ISL) collected her fourth gold medal at GSSE 2015.

Hrafnhildur came first through in 400 m Medley in 4:46,70 min, 6,54 seconds under the old record. It was held by Jóhanna Gerða Gústafsdóttir (ISL) who finished second (4:53,56) a second below the old record. Julia Hassler (LIE) was third (5:02,37).

Julia however celebrated at the end of the 800 m Freestyle in 8:02,06, a new GSSE record. She held the old one herself, 8:45,09.

Monique Olivier (LUX) finished second (8:49,57) and Inga Elín Cryer (ÍSL) third (9:03,66).

Raphael Stacchiotti (LUX) set a new game record in 400 m Medley in 4:24,02, about 3,3 seconds below the old record. Christoph Martin Maier (LUX) came second (4:26,58) and Anton Sveinn McKee third (4:32,99) 

Christoph Martin Meier had enough energy left in him as he won the 1500 Freestyle in 15:55,71. Iacovos Hadjiconstantinou (CYP) finished second (16:14,05) and Pol Arias Dourdet (AND) third (16:18,50).

The Luxembourg Team in Men‘s 4x100 Freestyle had the last laugh of the day winning in 3:24,18, half a second below the old GSSE record.

The Icelandic Team in Women‘s 4x100 Freestyle won in 3:24,24 which is a new national record.
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