Round-up: Day 4

05.06.2015 23:21

Today was the last day of swimming and shooting but the first of judo. Final standings came clearer in other sports as the last day of the games awaits tomorrow.


Luxembourg won the male bronze medal by beating Andorra 97-79. In the women‘s game Malta won Monaco 72-42 to get the bronze.

The finals will be played tomorrow. Iceland will face Luxembourg in the women‘s game but Montenegro in the males.

Table tennis

The groups and the quarter finals of the singles game was played today. Men‘s semi-final will be played in the morning. Marios Yiangou will play Irfan Cekic and Luka Bakic Damien Provost.

It will be followed by women‘s semi-finals. Xiaoxian Yang faces Viktoria Lucenkova while Egle Tamasaukaite plays Sarah De Nutte.

The results from today can be seen here.


Luxembourg were the run-away winners after winning Monaco 3-0. Iceland jumped in to the second place by winning San Marino 3-1.

Montenegro has already won the women‘s gold but Luxembourg is challenging Iceland for the silver after winning their game 3-1 today. San Marino won Liechtenstein 3-1.


Competition in Skeet finished today at Álfsnes after hard competition between Örn Valdimarsson (ISL) and Georgios Kazakos (CYP), Kazakos won. Third place was Stefanos Nikolidis (CYP) set new Game Record in the prelims when he shot 123.
Örn set new National Record when he shot 121.


Kristján Þór Einarsson (ISL) set a new course record when he shot 64, 7-below-par. He has 10 shots in advance over Sandro Piaege (MON) who went 2-under-par today. Haraldur Fraklín Magnús (ISL) is third. The Icelandic team has a 22 shot lead before the final day.

Guðrún Brá Björgvinsdóttir (ISL) and Sophie Sandolo (MON) both played two-below-par today but Guðrún has still has a six shot lead before the final day. Karen Guðnadóttir (ISL) is in the third place.


This was the first day of two of the judo competition. The complete results can be found by clicking here. 

Today’s winners were:

-60 kg: Yann Siccardi (MON).
-66 kg: Andreas Krassas (CYP)
-73 kg: Nikola Gusic (MNE)
-81 kg: Srdjan Mrvaljevic (MNE)
-90 kg: Denis Barboni (LUX)
-100 kg: David Buchel (LIE)

-52 kg: Marie Muller (LUX)
-57 kg: Manon Durbach (LUX)
-63 kg: Laura Salles Lopez (AND)
-70 kg: Lynn Mossong (LUX) 
-78 kg: Anna Soffía Víkingsdóttir (ISL)


Five new game records were set in the swimming pool today while Hrafnhildur Lúthersdóttir (ISL) collected her fourth gold medal at GSSE 2015.

Hrafnhildur came first through in 400 m Medley in 4:46,70 min, 6,54 seconds under the old record. It was held by Jóhanna Gerða Gústafsdóttir (ISL) who finished second (4:53,56) a second below the old record. Julia Hassler (LIE) was third (5:02,37).

Julia however celebrated at the end of the 800 m Freestyle in 8:02,06, a new GSSE record. She held the old one herself, 8:45,09.

Monique Olivier (LUX) finished second (8:49,57) and Inga Elín Cryer (ÍSL) third (9:03,66).

Raphael Stacchiotti (LUX) set a new game record in 400 m Medley in 4:24,02, about 3,3 seconds below the old record. Christoph Martin Maier (LUX) came second (4:26,58) and Anton Sveinn McKee third (4:32,99) 

Christoph Martin Meier had enough energy left in him as he won the 1500 Freestyle in 15:55,71. Iacovos Hadjiconstantinou (CYP) finished second (16:14,05) and Pol Arias Dourdet (AND) third (16:18,50).

The Luxembourg Team in Men‘s 4x100 Freestyle had the last laugh of the day winning in 3:24,18, half a second below the old GSSE record.

The Icelandic Team in Women‘s 4x100 Freestyle won in 3:24,24 which is a new national record.

Complete results are here: 


Finals were played in doubles, women‘s singles and mixes today. 

Danka Kovinic (MNE) is the women‘s champion after a final against Kathinka von Deichmann (LIE).

Guillaume Coulliard and Thomas Oger (MON) won the men‘s double after seeing off Petros Chryoschos and Sergios Kyratzis (CYP).

Elénora Molinaro Simon and Claudia Schaul (LUX) won the women‘s double against Elaine Geovese and Katrina Sammut (MAL).

Petros Chrysochos and Raluca Georgiana Serban (CYP) won the mixes after facing Mike Scheidweiler and Claudine Schaul (LUX) in the final.

Beach Volleyball

Iceland is alone at the top in the women‘s competition after winning Luxembourg 2-0 today. Monaco, who was tie with the host nation at the top yesterday, was beaten by Liechtenstein 0-2. Monaco and Liechtenstein are tied in the second place but Monaco plays Iceland tomorrow. Cyprus beat Malta 2-0 in the first game today.

Andorra and Liechtenstein will play the men‘s final tomorrow. Andorra saw off Luxembourg 2-0 in the semis while Cyprus won Liechtenstein 2-0. San Marino got the bragging rights in the fifth place by winning Monaco 2-1.

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