Volunteers make things happen

05.06.2015 12:22

Volunteers at GSSE 2015 make things happen. Without them, GSSE 2015 wouldn´t have come true. Volunteering is renowned for skill development, socialization, and fun. Many volunteers here at the GSSE 2015 are specifically trained in the areas they work, such as medicine, driving, serving or other things. Others serve on an as-needed basis. Our volunteers secure that everything runs as smoothly a possible and everybody enjoys the Games.

Someone may wonder who is the volunteer and what does he do all day long. When asking a volunteer, the answer is quite simple indeed. The volunteer is you and me, he and she. Each morning we come smiling and keep smiling the whole day long. Nothing is more warm on a sunny but cold morning than a smile and those simple words: Have a nice day!

Our duties are quite a lot and different. We ensure i.e. that the players are able to go to their competition areas at the right time. We control also the access to different zones. At the information desk we give all sorts of information to players and guests of the Games.

The volunteers are also there for other volunteers. We are right on our way if we hear that someone needs help somewhere. Many of us work later than we are asked to, just because it is needed. We enjoy our work and our hope is that all players and guests take wonderful memorys home from the 16th GSSE in Iceland.

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